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Living life by the tide (times)

This January was a bit of a strange one.


Sure, it usually feels like the looongest month of the year anyway as we recover from Christmas and December’s payday becomes a distant memory.

But this year it’s been very different for us and it’s felt even longer. 

As Danny has been recovering from his hip replacement and I am a WFH freelancer, we’ve been living in a strange little bubble where time just doesn't seem to exist anymore. 

Or, it certainly doesn't mean anything anyway. 

I never know what day it is, whether it’s too late for breakfast or too early for dinner. 

Think back to Covid times (if it won't give you PTSD). It has kind of felt like our own little lockdown. 

Our days are usually structured around Danny’s work pattern. I work while he’s out working and then we spend our evenings and weekends together. 

But since he’s been off, we’ve just really let go of any concept of time. 

Apart from the tide times. 

Life by the sea

Right now, we literally plan our day around which beaches are easiest for him to access (he’s not able to walk very far yet) and then whether or not the tide is out so Lunar can run all her energy out. 

It’s been strange but also kind of wonderful. 

As Danny hasn’t had to get up for work, there have been no early bedtimes. 

We’ve stayed up late and I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot for my work, which is a great way to start the year! 

And we’ve spent a lot of time together. It’s been wonderful. 

And we got some news

We’ve also had a bit of news over the last week on our living situation. We just found out we are having to leave our lovely little chalet in the next couple of months. 

Thankfully, we have a temporary place to move into for the summer. We will still be in Perranporth, so we can have a super chilled-out summer and Danny can surf when he’s recovered. 

But basically, what this means is we are one step closer to actually getting a van and starting our next conversion!

So although I will miss our little cabin (we’ve been in here two years), I am grateful for this push in the right direction. 

It gives us a reason to ramp up those saving efforts and start looking for vans. 

I cannot wait. 

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