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My freelance journey (and how I finally started this blog!)

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Six years into my freelance journey, I cannot imagine working any other way. 

But I also can’t imagine making this career move now. 

When I quit my sturdy PR role (which I absolutely loved) six years ago, I didn’t give the decision a second thought. 

We were going travelling in our campervan and I wanted to be able to fund those travels from my laptop; from anywhere at any time. 

It made sense. 

But I genuinely believe that if I thought about doing this now, it would result in a panic attack so severe I’d need a few hours of sleep to recover. 

Maybe because I’m more ‘sensible’ now, maybe because I’m in my 30s or maybe just because with each year my anxiety grows that little bit more. 

Not that it matters because it was hands down one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life and I am forever grateful to my 25-year-old self for taking that leap. 

But I will forever be frustrated at my younger self for not starting this blog the 1,000 times I said I would. 

Starting this blog 

I wish that I had started this blog so long ago. 

The trouble is, I worried too much about whether my writing would be interesting and entertaining to others or if people would judge me on my content.

I also couldn’t seem to switch off my marketing brain and just write for enjoyment. 

But what would I blog about?

I write an average of 38,000 words a month for my clients.

Sometimes more. 

And yet, when it comes to writing for myself, I can never seem to find the words. 

Well, that’s not strictly true, I can find words and I often write lots of them down. But then I revisit the content a day later and delete it. 

Those words are never good enough. 

Sure, I find writing those posts cathartic but also frustrating, I should be creating content I am happy to share online. 

And I’ve realised that in order to get past this, I just need to do it. I just need to get going and post something. 

So right now, despite all my instincts as a marketing professional, I am not targeting any specific keywords. 

Right now, I am not focussing on generating the best content for Google or driving traffic - although I’m aware this is important and may come later. 

Right now, I am just writing for myself; writing about things I enjoy, not topics that I think will grab attention and generate views. 

And this is what I think I’ve been missing all along. 

I am programmed to think about keywords, clickbait titles and subjects that I think other people want me to write about. 

But today, I am throwing that all aside and writing for myself. 

It might work, it might not. 

I suppose we will see. 

But if nothing else, it gives me a chance to empty my very busy brain.

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